New dyno chart on fresh motor 15/7/03: 197kW (266HP) at wheels @ 5,000rpm; 304 ft.lb torque at 4,800rpm; still making 255HP at 6,500rpm!

Latest Dynochart from June 2002.

Here is the new, smoother, dynochart from the 16th of June, 2001.

The new 16V race motor was tuned at Dynotrac at Seven Hills, Sydney.

16th June 2001

No more power, put a much smoother curve, with the power staying on at high revs.

12th February 2001

Getting pretty close to the 240HP mark.

10th January 2001

As you can see, the engine is now up to 225HP.


DynoDave gave me 205HP at the wheels @ 5700rpm to get the motor "run in" at the AROCA 6-Hour Relay at Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney on Sunday 5 November, 2000. He is confident the motor will soon give 280HP at the wheels (close to 400 flywheel HP) when we run the motor up to 7500rpm at 20psi boost.

You can click the image or here for an MP3 of the car being DynoTuned (200K).

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