16V head to B230 block: special timing belt and belt tensioner

Tensioner pulley AU$200 plus freight.

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When fitting the B234F 16V head to a B230FT block you find no standard place to mount a belt tensioner. The 16V B234F motor has the tensioner mounted to the block, and the B230FT has the tensioner mounted to the single-cam head. I solved (sorry the Rev Doctor solved) this by fabricating a special backing plate for a Toyota diesel idler pulley and mounting this to two spare bolt holes in the front face of the 16V head.

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I spent a couple of hours at my local auto-parts supplier, working through his Gates timing belt catalogue to find a 25mm wide round-toothed belt with 9.5mm tooth pitch, and 139 teeth (Gates #T139- surprise!). This fits snug on the 25mm wide crank pulley between the guide washers. Provided the idler is securely mounted, no other side guides are required, the belt just tracking nicely on the twin cam drive pulleys, which are about 28mm wide. The belt furs a bit on the edges, but this has not been a problem on the race motor. I like the 25mm belt in place of the standard non-turbo 16V belt which is 22mm wide.

Contact me for specific fitting info.

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